Running and Job Searching by Jason Sininger

running and the job search

Running and Job Searching by Jason Sininger

Ready… Set… Go… I know these two topics do not at all sound like they are related but I have found myself doing both running and job searching this past summer and even now into the Fall. More specifically I have found that running has assisted me in being able to stay grounded during the job search process.

Here are some of the similarities in terms that I  noticed:

Training / Searching – Both seem overwhelming and sometimes impossible. The question of where or how to start may come to mind. One can start to answer this question or combing a variety of their thoughts and creating a plan that can identify where they starting from to where they would like to finish...

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1 Van, 2 Heel Drive, and 6 Women: Our Journey THROUGH Ragnar ( Part 2)

ragnar group

Oh what a night (and two days).

In a previous #safit blog, we discussed our upcoming Ragnar race. We shared our motivation for competing in this 12-person overnight relay race and promised to share what we had learned.  We returned from Las Vegas with so much to say about the experience that we are excited to share with you!

Ann Marie was inspired by the symbolism of our relay bracelet

In the relay race, you hand off an orange bracelet from one teammate to another.  I was so inspired by the words I would hear (from my team and from others) at the handoff point.  “Love you!”, “Crush it!”, and “You Got This!” were some of the commonly heard phrases.  No matter how fast or how slow, the message was the same—positive, uplifting and supportive.

amk teri handoff

Now she would like to hand off...

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The 2015 Student Affairs Health Pledge by Ed Cabellon

At the 2014 NASPA Region 1 conference this past week, Hank Parkinson, Becky Lindley and I presented on “A Journey to a Healthier You in Student Affairs” and shared our individual transformation stories. As part of the presentation, I shared our (almost) three year journey as an #SAfit community. Julie Leos and I decided that, as part of the presentation, we would do something different and launch the 2015 Student Affairs Health Pledge now, rather than wait until January.

This is being done, in part, to help folks get a head start on 2015. Why wait until January when we can all renew our commitment to health and wellness now, ahead of the holidays? Certainly, if you can focus your energy and do well now, staying committed through 2015 may be a bit easier 🙂

Two years ago, I wrote a blog...

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1 Van, 2 Heel Drive, and 6 Women: Our Journey to Ragnar ( Part 1)


There’s running for fun, there’s participating in an organized race and then there’s Ragnar.

In case you are unfamiliar with this word, I will quote the tagline which says “Ragnar is the overnight running relay race that makes testing your limits a team sport.”

It is a 12 people tag team running 200(ish) miles, day and night, relay-style. Only one runner hits the road at a time. Each participant runs three times, with each leg ranging between 3-11 miles and varying in difficulty. There are Ragnar races all over the country, but we opted for signing up for the one in Las Vegas due to warmer temperatures in November.

The six of us decided to form a team and we have been paired with another team of six. Our team ranges in age from 27 to50...

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From Fearful to Fearless: My Fitness Journey by Corey Bates

corey bates

Corey Bates is a Residence Life Coordinator for Housing and Residential Education at the University of South Florida. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey and his Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction (emphasis in College Student Affairs) from the University of South Florida. He enjoys swimming, cycling and strength training, as EDM (Electronic Dance Music) keeps him motivated throughout his workouts. On his rest days, Corey enjoys a good beach day, reading a book and listening to the sounds of the gulf breeze.

From Fearful to Fearless: My Fitness Journey

Staying motivated to maintain fitness did not always come easy. Growing up, I was not athletically gifted...

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Why a cat person would ever choose to adopt a dog by Pamela Mirabelli

Stormy and I 2Pamela Mirabelli serves as the Residence Life Coordinator for the Historic Horseshoe at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. Originally from New Jersey, Pam received a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical/Counseling from The College of NJ and a Master of Education in Children’s Literature from Penn State. Prior to starting at Carolina, Pam has previously worked at The College of NJ, Penn State, The School of American Ballet, and Seton Hall University. In her spare time, Pam enjoys yoga, reading, the beach, travelling, visiting friends, and spending time with her adopted Italian Greyhound Mix Stormy.

Why a cat person would ever choose to adopt a dog

I have always been the “cat person” among any of my groups of friends...

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A 10 Year Fitness Journey by Andrew Campbell

andrew after arizona distance classic

Andrew Campbell is from West Palm Beach Florida. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Central Florida in Orlando.  Andrew has worked professionally at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida International University in Miami, and is currently working as an Assistant Director for Residential Education at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ.  In his free time, Andrew enjoys running, working out at the gym, singing with his chorus, watching college and pro football, and volunteering in the LGBT community.

A 10-YEAR FITNESS JOURNEY by Andrew Campbell

2014 marked the 10 year anniversary of when I decided to make a change to live a healthier lifestyle...

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Do What You Love by Suzanne Onorato


Suzanne Onorato is an associate dean of students at Agnes Scott College. She completed her doctoral work in higher education administration at Florida International University and a master’s at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In her free time she enjoys traveling to places where she can engage in activities that challenge her body and mind including white water rafting the Pacuare river in Costa Rica, hiking the Grand Canyon and the Cinque Terre trails in north eastern Italy.


Suzanne Onorato is an associate dean of students at Agnes Scott College...

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For the Love of the Trails by Korrin Anderson


Korrin Anderson serves as the Associate Director for Orientation and Parent Programs at Florida International University (FIU). Prior to this role, she worked for Residential Life at FIU both as a graduate student and as a professional. She earned her undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance at Millikin University, a graduate certificate in Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building, and her Masters degree in Educational Leadership at FIU. Korrin ran her first marathon this past February and is currently training for her fourth triathlon.


Sometimes you discover love in the most unlikely of places...

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My Two Month Journey by Joseph Rolnicki


Joseph Rolnicki is a second year Hall Director at Ferris State University. He received his Masters of Adult and Higher Education from Northern Illinois University in 2010, and his Bachelors of Psychology from Dominican University in 2008.  Joseph is currently training for his first marathon, maintaining a blog about minimalism and healthy living (, and constantly seeking professional development opportunities in Student Affairs. 


The weight of one bad decision adds up. One decision turns into habit, and one habit turns to several, and several habits makes a lifestyle.

In order to survive a demanding undergraduate schedule, I adopted a lifestyle o...

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