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The Magical Mystery of Racing by Patrick Love

patrick love

Patrick is the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at Rutgers University. He is a faculty member in and advisor to the College Student Affairs Master’s Program at Rutgers and his career in higher education has spanned work in student affairs, academic affairs, and as a professor in college student affairs. He has authored numerous books and articles and his scholarship includes organizational culture, leadership and management issues in student affairs, applying theory to practice, spiritual development and LGBTQ issues. Patrick has varied outside interests including marathon running (he has qualified for and run the Boston Marathon)!!!!!!


I believe everyone needs a little magic in their lives, a little bit of something unex...

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Beyond Motivation

Jon Wheeler's Photo

Jon Wheeler is currently an Assistant Director of Residence Life at the University of Arizona. He has been in Student Affairs for 15 years and taught English composition at the community college level for three years prior to that. Jon recently finished his first half-marathon in Phoenix, Arizona and has plans for full marathons in October (Des Moines, IA) and the following May (Spokane, WA).


We all find our motivation for getting fit in our own way. My motivation was vanity. I was about to turn 40, and I didn’t like how I looked. About that point, I was seeing infomercials that touted the achievements of other 40-somethings who had transformed their soft bodies into hard bodies, and I wanted a hard body. That motivation initiated my trek toward fitness, but ...

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Who Wears It Better


Julie Payne – Kirchmeier serves as Assistant Vice President for Student Auxiliary Services at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Here she is responsible for the leadership of auxiliary enterprises within the Division of Student Affairs, including Residential Services (Housing, Residential Life, Conference Planning, Academic Initiatives), Residential Dining and Retail, Safe Ride, Norris University Center, Greek housing, and Student Affairs Information Technology.


Today I saw this picture of an obviously-pregnant Kim Kardashian on-line with the caption of “Who Wore It Better?”:


My reaction to this photo was immediate...

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Why is this so hard?

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Tom L. Fritz is the Engagement Director of the North Neighborhood at Michigan State University. In that role, he serves as the co-convener of the Health and Wellness Pillar of the Neighborhood initiative, which brings leaders of health services across campus together to discuss the holistic health of undergraduate students. His commitment to better health comes from a want to be healthy for his future family, and more active for his border collie puppy. He can be reached through Facebook or Twitter (@TomLFritz). 

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I am not a person who will ever choose to work out over having a slice of pizza. I have come to terms with this. I know that working out and being healthy is always going to take a conscious effort from me...

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Staying #SAFIT

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Malinda Matney  works as Senior Research Associate for the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Michigan. Student Affairs Research conducts and assists in a wide variety of studies to learn about university students.Matney is the Immediate Past National President of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity, and  Nu Chapter Sponsor at the University of Michigan. She also teaches a variety of courses in the School of Education.

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Like many who work with students or who are in leadership roles, I travel a lot. I’ll make eight trips during winter term for events such as fraternity leadership development, board meetings, and conferences...

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