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Double the Fun: Finding Myself Through Weight Loss and Running by Jeff Parker


Jeff Parker is currently a Residence Director at Johnson & Wales University – Denver Campus. Originally from the great state of Minnesota, Jeff received his B.S. in English & Speech Communication from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls and his M.Ed. in College Student Affairs from the University of South Florida.  Jeff loves playing volleyball and has ran at least one race every month since December 2010.  Visit his blog at and find him on Twitter @jeffyp2003


Each of us has a story to tell – one that discovers our innermost passions and desires.  One that leads us to the person we are today.

Many of us have a weight loss story.

I have two.

jeff 2

The Backstory

I was an active kid ...

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Mindfulness, Fitness and You by Jena Eberly


Jena Eberly currently serves as a Residence Director for Lake Forest College. Previously she completed her graduate work at Loyola University Chicago where she worked in student activities. Jena worked in the fitness industry for the last seven years, teaching multiple group formats and coaching personal training sessions. Connect with her on twitter at @JenEberly.


“What we achieve inwardly will change our outer reality.” –Plutarch

When we hear the word “fitness”, it is often associated with yoga, weights, running, or other types of physical exercise. Sometimes the word even brings a competitive connotation with it and implies one type of exercise is better than another...

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Gluten – Freedom by Renee Dowdy


Renee is currently transitioning to the role of Director of Education & Curriculum Design/Director of the Fraternal Values Society with Synergos, AMC. She can be found on twitter at @reneepdowdy or her blog:


I was returning for my second-year of my graduate program, July training, blistering, humid Ohio heat. I remember at first thinking it was the new pair of sandals I bought that was causing the bottom of my feet to react with fire and rage. I had blisters unlike any other, an inch thick, oozing, disgusting, at the bottom of my feet. When they reached the point where I could not walk, I made my way over to the doctor...

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Do I have the time? No, but I have the energy by Tom Fritz

tom fritz blog 2

Tom L. Fritz is the Engagement Director of the North Neighborhood at Michigan State University. In that role, he serves as the co-convener of the Health and Wellness Pillar of the Neighborhood initiative, which brings leaders of health services across campus together to discuss the holistic health of undergraduate students. His commitment to better health comes from a want to be healthy for his future family, and more active for his border collie puppy. He can be reached through Facebook or Twitter (@TomLFritz).

***A few months ago I blogged about my journey to regain my health and how hard and daunting the process seemed for me. I asked specifically to be a repeat blogger in order to hold myself accountable. So here I am...

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