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Fitness: I’ve got an App for that! by Thea Zunick

Fitness Collage

Thea is the Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Along with Greek Life, she also has the responsibility of being the Wellness Coordinator on campus. Her career in higher education has spanned work in fraternity and sorority life, leadership, service, wellness, and programming. She is currently enrolled in the Educational Doctorate Program at Rutgers University to continue her quest with lifelong learning. Her other interests include fitness, dancing, teaching Zumba, hanging out with her puppy and new husband, shopping, and being a foodie! Connect with Thea on twitter at @thearachel


Fitness: I’ve got an App for that!

Many of us Student Affair...

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Giving Back to Yourself by RC Stabile

Weight Loss

RC Stabile currently serves as a Residential Life Coordinator and Spin instructor at Stetson University. Previously, RC completed his graduate work at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. RC has committed to running his first 10-mile run at Disney World in October. Follow RC on Twitter at @rstabile1 or on myfitnesspal at rcstabile.


Upon graduating from graduate school, I accepted a live-on position in sunny Florida. I was excited to begin this new journey and really focus on becoming a great Residential Life professional without classes taking my time.

It wasn’t long before I realized that Florida was certainly different from Western Pennsylvania...

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Owning My Wellness Story by Megan Langille

megan langille

Megan Langille is currently a Hall Director at the University of Michigan. She graduated with a BA in Communications from Hope College and completed her graduate work in Student Affairs Administration at Michigan State University, where she also worked in residence life. Megan loves college towns in the summer and walking over driving whenever possible. Connect with Megan via


For a while I was doubtful about the news-worthiness of my wellness story. It’s not about significant weight loss, and it’s not an inspiring marathon story. If someone were to measure fitness success in a traditional sense, I probably wouldn’t measure up...

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Now here or Nowhere – On my mat by Hallie Arena

Hallie Chatham

Hallie Arena is Assistant Director of Student Affairs at Chatham University, Pittsburgh PA. She was a former basketball athlete for the Chatham Cougars and received her M. Ed from the University of Pittsburgh. Hallie just completed her 200 level yoga teacher training in May 2013 and tries to find time on her mat every day.  She can be found on twitter @harena24.


“Now here” or “nowhere.” Interesting, isn’t it, how the only difference, really, is a little extra space.   – Baron Baptiste

My introduction to yoga began like most other amazing adventures in my life – through my mother. In 2000 my mom began her spiritual journey and wanted me to come along...

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A Tortoise’s Support System- 5 Hares by Alyssa Bolante

alyssa 1

Alyssa Bolante is currently a Residence Life Coordinator at the University of South Florida. She is originally from New Jersey and received her B.S. in Nursing, B.A. in Psychology, and her M.Ed. from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. This year, she is in the process of running at least one 5K a month and has a great support system that keeps her motivated.


The reasoning for the title is simple. I consider myself a Tortoise; I am not fast by any means. I actually call myself a wogger (I jog at a walking pace- seriously I’ve had a couple people walk next to me while I wog). The people in this post I consider Hares because they’re faster than I am...

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