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Wait, I Can’t Just Go For a Run?: Staying Fit with a Newborn by Steve Lerer


Steve Lerer is the Assistant Director for Student Life at the University of California, Merced. He serves as the advisor to the Associated Students and coordinator for Leadership Programs. Steve is currently training for his first Olympic distance triathlon which will be held this September. He lives in Merced with his wife, Virginia, their three-month-old daughter Samantha Beth, and their dog Bella. Steve can be reached on Twitter at @stevelerer or check out his blog,


As a child I grew up a little heavy, or ‘husky,’ according to my caring parents...

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Challenge: My Choice by Joe Colangelo


Originally raised in Western New York, Joe attended undergrad at the University at Buffalo.  He then earned his masters in College Student Personnel at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Joe is entering his fourth year as a Hall Director at the University of Michigan.  An avid golfer and sports lover, he has a penchant for Starbucks and pork products.


As Student Affairs professionals, we live in a world of challenge.  We challenge students to grow, develop, and push themselves to greater things.  We spur them on with our support.  We often employ a challenge by choice model.  But when it comes to personal well-being and fitness, I have learned that my only choice is challenge.

I would feel disingenuous if I made t...

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The Balancing Act by Gabrielle Rimmaudo



Gabrielle Rimmaudo is a second year graduate student at the University of South Florida. Her undergraduate degree is from George Mason University. Currently she serves as a graduate advisor in the Office of New Student Connections. As a big Disney enthusiast, her next half marathon is the Disney Wine & Dine Half in November with her dad. Gabrielle can be reached on Twitter at @gfrimmaudo or check out her blog,!


Prior to starting graduate school I had never been the most healthy or active individual...

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Running off the Weight by Brian Jacobson


Brian Jacobson is from Allendale, NJ. He completed his undergraduate degree at Quinnipiac University and received a Masters in Student Affairs Administration from University of Buffalo last May. In August he will begin working at Marianapolis Preparatory School in Thompson, CT as their Manager for Electronic Communications! When  not doing school or work related things he love seeing movies (literally,  all movies), reading, watching TV, and reading technology and pop culture blogs.


Hi everyone! My name is Brian Jacobson, and I am from Allendale, NJ...

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