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To Run or to Dance? That is the Question. By Holly Mittelmeier


Holly Mittelmeier is an Assistant Director of Student Activities at John Carroll University. She is a dancer, a dreamer and more recently — a runner. Follow Holly on Twitter: @HolllyGoLightly ( yes, there are 3 L’s in Holly)


So I am a runner. I think. Actually, no, I feel more comfortable calling myself “someone who runs frequently.” I am a dancer though. While I may not take class regularly, I still keep my 20+ years of lessons instilled in my brain nearly every day. They still apply-the discipline, the grace, the posture, how I present myself, how I walk, how I listen to classical music in my car (oddly nodding my head and applying hand movements that flow with the music)...

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Caution: Good Times Ahead by Kristen Gleason Gleason is currently the Club Sports Director at the University of Oregon, where she oversees a program of 45+ sports clubs, serving over 1000 participants, who represent the University regionally and nationally in everything from dance to rugby.

Kristen earned a BA in Journalism from Saint Michael’s College, an M.A. in Sports Management from the University of Connecticut, and M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College.

Her professional passions include creating accessible sports and recreation experiences that help build healthy, engaged communities. As a leadership educator, she strongly believe that the sports and recreation experience is a pathway for participants and staff to develop personal development and leadership skills...

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The 2014 Student Affairs Health Pledge by Ed Cabellon

Now that 2014 has arrived, thousands of student affairs professionals across the country and making decisions on what they want to focus their energies on to help them be better in the new year. Last year, I wrote a blog post that kicked off a commitment (new or renewed) to health and this year is no different.  It is a no secret that our overall health (mental, nutrition, and fitness) plays a major role in what we accomplish over the course of time. When we are sick, we are no good to ourselves, much less the others that we serve...

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