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This Just In: NOs are vital for our lives by Katie Lewis

katie lewisKatie Lewis is a graduate student in the Higher Education Administration program at NC State University. She holds her assistantship in University Housing as a Residence Director. Katie received her Bachelors degree in Psychology and Family & Child Sciences from Florida State University. She enjoys running and exercising, crafting/pinteresting, and baking. Katie can be reached on twitter: @kmlewis6      


Throughout a majority of my life, I always thought being told “no” was a sign of weakness, of failure, of exclusion. I had no problem having it part of my vocabulary toward others, but when it came to being on the receiving end…I couldn’t bare it.

I thought I was i...

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When strong is the last thing you’re feeling – by Becca Obergefell


Becca Obergefell works at Ohio Dominican University as the Assistant Director for the Center for Student Involvement. She started running after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 and hasn’t stopped – running 365 miles in 365 days. She has participated twice in the OneRunForBoston cross-country relay from LA to Boston to raise money for the victims of the bombing. Her #RunForBoston project created a community for runners to log miles after the bombing – eventually totaling 4,449 runners and 35,545 miles. Becca also enjoys yoga, scuba, reading, and writing. Connect with her on Twitter @OberBecca


When I selected a deadline for my #SAFit blog post, I didn’t realize that it coincided with the Boston Marathon, but it seems fitting t...

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The Weekly Weigh-In: Finding Your Motivation by Ryan Nolen


Ryan Nolen is a current graduate student at Kent State University in Ohio. Ryan graduated from Marietta College in southeastern Ohio in 2012, and will receive his Masters in Higher Education Administration from Kent State in May 2014. His areas of experience lies in Orientation, Student Conduct, and Residence Life, and is currently on the job search for residence life positions in the New England area. When Ryan’s not working, he enjoys trying to master the art of cooking, exploring local coffee shops, and spending time with his friends with which he will soon part.


Meet the old me, in July of 2011. I came in at a pretty solid 260 pounds. Eating college food every day, I never paid much attention to my weight...

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To Seek After Beauty…by Sharon Stead


Sharon Stead is the Director of Middle Earth Housing at UC Irvine. Yes, that’s Middle Earth as in Tolkien. The students were asked to name the buildings when the community first opened in the 1970’s and the theme has been maintained ever since. Her office even owns it own Gandalf costume (itchy beard and all)! She earned her master’s degree from Colorado State’s SAHE program and her Ph.D. is from Oklahoma State University in Educational Psychology. 


“To seek after beauty as an end is a wild goose chase—because it is to misunderstand the very nature of beauty, which is the normal condition of a thing being as it should be.” ~Ada Bethune

So, #SAFit/#SAHealth/#SAWellness friends, I write my first blog post in th...

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