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Getting Fit — One Year Later by Dr. Brenda Bethman

brenda bethmanBrenda Bethman has been Director of the UMKC Women’s Center since January 2007. She also holds appointment as Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, and Affiliated Faculty in German. Before coming to UMKC, she was founding Program Coordinator of the Women’s Center and then Director of the Women’s & Gender Equity Resource Center at Texas A&M University, where she also taught for the Women’s & Gender Studies Program, College of Liberal Arts Honors Program, and the Department of European and Classical Languages and Cultures. She is a past chair of the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) Women’s Centers Committee, as well as past Secretary for NWSA. Brenda was a member of the committee that revised the CAS Standards for Women Student Programs and Services.


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My kingdom for a good night’s sleep. By Dr. Carolyn Golz


Dr. Carolyn Golz is a College Administrative Officer for Cowell & Stevenson Colleges at UC Santa Cruz. Carolyn loves her dogs, her bike,  and her new life in California. She can be found on twitter at: @CarolynGolz


When editing a friend’s blog post about wellness last year, I suggested that she

strike a statement that said something along the lines of “healthy people do not need

to nap in the middle of the day”. I told her that this statement might offend some and

that I considered myself a healthy person, yet I would LOVE to take a nap every day.

I am perpetually tired. I go to bed by 9:30 each night and have difficulty waking up

when my alarm goes off at 6:45 each morning...

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The Will to Persist by Dr. Tiffany Davis

tiffany regalia

Dr. Tiffany Davis is a Teaching Assistant Professor and Higher Education Master’s Program Coordinator in the Department of Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education at North Carolina State University. Tiffany is passionate about all aspects of professional supervision as well as preparing the next generation of Student Affairs Professionals. 


Last year, I thought up a running challenge. I would participate in one 5k race per month with the goal to make the 12th race the Disney Princess race in Orlando, FL. Now there are a couple of things about this challenge. 1. I don’t run. 2. I don’t like to run. 3. I don’t run. So you can see the problem already...

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New Starts and New Habits by Amanda Davis

amanda davis

Amanda is a Baltimore, Maryland native but moved to Tampa, Florida to complete her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She received her undergraduate degree from St. Leo University and her graduate degree from University of South Florida. She worked in Residence Life at Florida Southern College and Old Dominion University and has recently moved to Dubai, UAE to teach and advise Emiratis. She enjoys running races, traveling, working out at her local Crossfit Box, singing in the car, reading and cheering on her favorite football and baseball teams from a far.  


As we fully embrace summer, at time when many Student Affairs Professionals (SAP) are transitioning into new positions, I thought it would be nice to writ...

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Influencing behaviors: it’s organic! by Lauren Piontkoski

Safit pic

Lauren Piontkoski works as an Area Director for Residential Life Programs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she serves as a liaison for faculty and in-hall academic support, develops programmatic initiatives to support women in the STEM field and co-supervises graduate/post-doctoral resident tutors. Additionally, she finds herself utilizing her recently acquired group fitness certification through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as a bootcamp instructor in the Greater Boston Area. Lauren can be reached via Twitter: wickedrunnah


Influencing behaviors: it’s organic!

Two years ago I began a fitness journey, and I never thought it would have snowballed into the lifestyle ...

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Finding Healthy Living at Job One by Anne-Marie Hantman


Anne-Marie Hantman serves as the Residence Life Coordinator for the Honors Residence Hall at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. Hailing from Kent Island, Maryland, Anne-Marie attended Hood College for her undergrad where she majored in Student Life, the Field Hockey team, and oh yeah- Law and Society. After completing her Master’s at the University of Bloomsburg in Pennsylvania, Anne-Marie found herself working in Gamecock Nation where she currently is completing year one with University Housing. When not hanging out with her amazing students, Anne-Marie loves being by the water, experimenting in the kitchen, getting her ‘Namaste’ on at local studios, convincing herself she likes to run, and curling up with her lovable rescue, Natty.


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WHY DO I RUN? by Beth Moriarty

beth  mountain

Beth Moriarty is the Director of Residence Life and Housing at Bridgewater State University (BSU).  Beth is also an adjunct faculty member in the Student Affairs Counseling Graduate Program at BSU.  She has worked in the field of Residence Life for over 30 years.  Her top 5 strengths are Learner, Relator, Input, Individualization and Achiever.  Beth is an avid reader, and she enjoys spending time with her family camping, hiking, going to the ocean, and watching the World Championship Boston Red Sox   Beth started running just 1 year ago, she hopes to have a long running career ahead of her.


I’ve always been active but I would not describe myself as athletic...

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Creating New Habits by Pamela Mirabelli


Pamela Mirabelli serves as the Residence Life Coordinator for the Historic Horseshoe and International House at Maxcy College at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. Originally from New Jersey, Pam received a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical/Counseling from The College of NJ and a Master of Education in Children’s Literature from Penn State. Prior to starting at Carolina, Pam has previously worked at The College of NJ, Penn State, The School of American Ballet, and Seton Hall University. In her spare time, Pam enjoys yoga, reading, the beach, traveling, visiting friends, and spending time with her adopted Italian Greyhound Mix Stormy.


The light at the end of the tunnel is...

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The Weekly Weigh-In: Finding Your Motivation by Ryan Nolen


Ryan Nolen is a current graduate student at Kent State University in Ohio. Ryan graduated from Marietta College in southeastern Ohio in 2012, and will receive his Masters in Higher Education Administration from Kent State in May 2014. His areas of experience lies in Orientation, Student Conduct, and Residence Life, and is currently on the job search for residence life positions in the New England area. When Ryan’s not working, he enjoys trying to master the art of cooking, exploring local coffee shops, and spending time with his friends with which he will soon part.


Meet the old me, in July of 2011. I came in at a pretty solid 260 pounds. Eating college food every day, I never paid much attention to my weight...

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To Seek After Beauty…by Sharon Stead


Sharon Stead is the Director of Middle Earth Housing at UC Irvine. Yes, that’s Middle Earth as in Tolkien. The students were asked to name the buildings when the community first opened in the 1970’s and the theme has been maintained ever since. Her office even owns it own Gandalf costume (itchy beard and all)! She earned her master’s degree from Colorado State’s SAHE program and her Ph.D. is from Oklahoma State University in Educational Psychology. 


“To seek after beauty as an end is a wild goose chase—because it is to misunderstand the very nature of beauty, which is the normal condition of a thing being as it should be.” ~Ada Bethune

So, #SAFit/#SAHealth/#SAWellness friends, I write my first blog post in th...

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