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From Fearful to Fearless: My Fitness Journey by Corey Bates

corey bates

Corey Bates is a Residence Life Coordinator for Housing and Residential Education at the University of South Florida. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey and his Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction (emphasis in College Student Affairs) from the University of South Florida. He enjoys swimming, cycling and strength training, as EDM (Electronic Dance Music) keeps him motivated throughout his workouts. On his rest days, Corey enjoys a good beach day, reading a book and listening to the sounds of the gulf breeze.

From Fearful to Fearless: My Fitness Journey

Staying motivated to maintain fitness did not always come easy. Growing up, I was not athletically gifted...

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Do What You Love by Suzanne Onorato


Suzanne Onorato is an associate dean of students at Agnes Scott College. She completed her doctoral work in higher education administration at Florida International University and a master’s at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In her free time she enjoys traveling to places where she can engage in activities that challenge her body and mind including white water rafting the Pacuare river in Costa Rica, hiking the Grand Canyon and the Cinque Terre trails in north eastern Italy.


Suzanne Onorato is an associate dean of students at Agnes Scott College...

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My Two Month Journey by Joseph Rolnicki


Joseph Rolnicki is a second year Hall Director at Ferris State University. He received his Masters of Adult and Higher Education from Northern Illinois University in 2010, and his Bachelors of Psychology from Dominican University in 2008.  Joseph is currently training for his first marathon, maintaining a blog about minimalism and healthy living (, and constantly seeking professional development opportunities in Student Affairs. 


The weight of one bad decision adds up. One decision turns into habit, and one habit turns to several, and several habits makes a lifestyle.

In order to survive a demanding undergraduate schedule, I adopted a lifestyle o...

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A Friendly Reminder by Julie Leos

julie ragnarJulie Leos is a Higher Education PhD Student at the University of South Florida and works for the USF College of Business overseeing a Living Learning Program for high achieving business students. Julie enjoys making meaningful friendships, thinking of big ideas, traveling, and living in a warm climate. Julie can be followed on twitter: @julieAleos


Having always been a fan of Gallup Strengths finder, I took some time a few years ago to read Tom Rath’s book titled Vital Friends. It confirmed my belief that friendship is a basic human need and something that needs to be nurtured, cared for, and sought after. A few years later his book, Wellbeing, took social wellness to a new level with research that decla...

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THRIVE Living by Anne Stark

anne stark

Anne Stark works as an Assistant Director of Residential Life for Purdue University. Anne is a current PhD student in Purdue University’s Technology, Leadership and Innovation program. Additionally, Anne is an avid runner who regularly completes ultra marathons, a dedicated partner, an energetic mother to a lively (nearly) 3 year old boy, and committed to overall wellness and living an intentional life. Anne takes pride in identifying and unlocking the talent in those around her.


There have been many calls to action as of late regarding the health and wellness of those working in higher education. As workers in a helping profession, it is easy for use to give, give, give and forget to take care of us...

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Why not work it out at work? By Mariana Sanabria

Mariana Sanabria is a Graduate Enrollment Advisor at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Education. She completed her Bachelor of Arts at The University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and her Master of Education in Counseling at DePaul University. She lives in Chicago with her partner and daughter, enjoys reading fiction, watching Frozen with her kid and blogging about her adventures in health and wellness at
Why Not Work It Out at Work?
Every student affairs professional I have ever met has more than one job...
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5 Reasons Every Lady Should Lift Heavy by Emily Newhook


Emily Newhook is the outreach coordinator for the executive MHA program ( program from The George Washington University, MHA@GW. Outside of work and the gym, she likes baking (for better or for worse), drawing and film. Follow Emily on Twitter @EmilyNewhook


5 Reasons Every Lady Should Lift Heavy

We all know by now – or at least we should – that there’s no such thing as spot training. The new refrain is more along the lines of, “I just want to get more toned.” I’ll let you in on a secret: tone is muscle, and you won’t get it by logging more miles on the treadmill. The answer is in the weight room – and if you’re a woman, external changes are really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to knocking out a few deadlifts...

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To Run or to Dance? That is the Question. By Holly Mittelmeier


Holly Mittelmeier is an Assistant Director of Student Activities at John Carroll University. She is a dancer, a dreamer and more recently — a runner. Follow Holly on Twitter: @HolllyGoLightly ( yes, there are 3 L’s in Holly)


So I am a runner. I think. Actually, no, I feel more comfortable calling myself “someone who runs frequently.” I am a dancer though. While I may not take class regularly, I still keep my 20+ years of lessons instilled in my brain nearly every day. They still apply-the discipline, the grace, the posture, how I present myself, how I walk, how I listen to classical music in my car (oddly nodding my head and applying hand movements that flow with the music)...

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Caution: Good Times Ahead by Kristen Gleason Gleason is currently the Club Sports Director at the University of Oregon, where she oversees a program of 45+ sports clubs, serving over 1000 participants, who represent the University regionally and nationally in everything from dance to rugby.

Kristen earned a BA in Journalism from Saint Michael’s College, an M.A. in Sports Management from the University of Connecticut, and M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College.

Her professional passions include creating accessible sports and recreation experiences that help build healthy, engaged communities. As a leadership educator, she strongly believe that the sports and recreation experience is a pathway for participants and staff to develop personal development and leadership skills...

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The Power of Our Network by Laurie Berry

laurie berry

Laurie Berry is the Director of Housing and Residence Life at the University of Southern Indiana.  Laurie has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and her Master’s degree in Student Personnel Services from Western Kentucky University.  She is a doctoral candidate at Indiana State University and plans to complete her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership 2014.  Laurie is exploring the positive power of networks.  Her doctoral work centers on a study of a twitter hashtag community.  The picture above is one of many she has taken over the years with two of her most active supporters, Julie Payne-Kirchmeier and Ann Marie Klotz.  Laurie encourages others to embrace the power of their networks.  You can follow Laurie on twitter @LaurieABerry.


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