Do I have the time? No, but I have the energy by Tom Fritz

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Tom L. Fritz is the Engagement Director of the North Neighborhood at Michigan State University. In that role, he serves as the co-convener of the Health and Wellness Pillar of the Neighborhood initiative, which brings leaders of health services across campus together to discuss the holistic health of undergraduate students. His commitment to better health comes from a want to be healthy for his future family, and more active for his border collie puppy. He can be reached through Facebook or Twitter (@TomLFritz).

***A few months ago I blogged about my journey to regain my health and how hard and daunting the process seemed for me. I asked specifically to be a repeat blogger in order to hold myself accountable. So here I am. Summer is about to begin and I am happy to report back on a few things I learned about myself. I hope my reflections will give you the strength to also be a part of the #safit team and to encourage others on their journey that, they too, can do it.


Our days have had only 24 hours in them — ever.  With the added luxury of phones with e-mail and constant contact to work, family, friends, it seems like we have less time for ourselves. And when push comes to shove, many of us would rather give up time investing in ourselves through exercise or preparing healthy food than time with friends and family. I know that I would rather do that, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

When we think about taking time to be healthy, we often jump right to time management. For me,  I have to schedule my workouts, I have to workout at the same time every day, I have to give up something in my full schedule to make time for me. But my challenge for us today is to look at this a different way.

One of my colleagues came back from a conference a few weeks ago and shared something that he learned. Well, maybe not really learned, but had reframed. He said “We don’t have a problem with time management; we have a problem with energy management.” We can schedule every single workout, plan every meal weeks ahead of time, but if we don’t have the energy to actually head to the gym, or turn on the stove, it won’t make much of a difference.

Mind Blown — Because here is my issue, I lose my energy sometimes ( ok, alot of the time)!  When I look at how far I have to go along my journey to health, I get overwhelmed and lose my drive. When I let the little things at work get in the way and come home just wanting to crash, I know I won’t be working out. So I learned I had to reframe my energy management.

How? Here are few simple steps:

  1. Set small, manageable, goals. Looking at only the end goal can drain us of our energy if it isn’t happening quickly. Start small: I will work out three times this week. I will run 200 yards further this time. I will stop drinking one soda a day. When you achieve these small goals, it will keep you motivated to tackle larger ones.
  2.  Find some sort of exercise that is fun and energizing you. If you like to play soccer, join a city league. If you like the outdoors, find a hiking trail. If you like to lift weights, join a gym. If you look at exercising as a chore, you are more likely to let it slip. Turn it into playing.
  3. Reframe. Instead of, “I have to do ____”, say in your mind “I get to _____”. The power of positive thinking can sustain you more than you know.
  4. Be real. If you are struggling, share with your accountability partner. If you are doing great, share that as well. All too often, we feel the need to be perfect around others, and that need for perfection can destroy our energy when we are not. Realize we are all human, and will have good days and bad.

Bottom line, as I have said before, everyone has their own journey. When you manage your energy, you will be successful, and you will be the best possible you. So try this week to think about how you can best manage your energy, and the time will fall into place.

2 comments to Do I have the time? No, but I have the energy by Tom Fritz

  • Lisa Endersby (@lmendersby)  says:

    Great post Tom! I’m going to try the reframe of ‘I have to …’ to ‘I get to …’ this week. What an awesome gratitude reminder. 🙂 Thanks for sharing my friend.

  • Teri  says:

    Go Tom! So many truths here. Thanks!

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