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Welcome to studentaffairsfit.com and — more importantly — welcome to what we hope will be a place for you to find encouragement, support, and advice on how to maintain both personal and physical well-being. Fitness and wellness is a broad topic, as broad as our diverse field. Therefore, regardless of your area of discipline, this website and blog is for you! It is our hope, this blog will be a place the student affairs community will share successes, challenges, lessons, and advice learned along their paths to a healthier lifestyle. We believe support is necessary in any transition and this website will provide this and more.

We think it’s important to give a little background as to why this new blog exists. Writing about fitness and well being is not new, so why will this be any different? Because, this blog was created for you (higher ed and student affairs) and by you. In the past few years, the #SAFIT interest group began to move us, figuratively and literally. Nobody can put a finger on where this started (although if you know, please tell us!). We began to see support for workouts and good eating habits tagged with the #SAFIT hashtag becoming rampant; encouragement via Facebook pages filled our inboxes — and the movement began!

We learned through this process, that a community was needed to rally around and champion a topic rarely talked about in student affairs. Our community needed cheerleaders, followers and believers in our lives and our health and fitness journeys. We needed that long time runner to share good stretching techniques and we also needed to hear the stories of our colleagues overcoming concerns about with their weight, their time, and their eating habits. In the end, it didn’t matter what kind of athlete you were or if you even were one (yet), we rallied around the winter runners, the cyclists, the triathletes, the dog walkers, the P90Xers, the vegetarians, and live on housing professionals (which arguably is a sport). We supported the doctoral students, the graduate assistants, the single and the partnered, the parents and the non-parents, because as it turned out, we all just needed each other.

We eventually discovered our jobs can get messy and can come with a fair amount of challenges, but nothing is as important and as significant it should cause us to ignore the very thing which wakes us up in the morning; our health. We were also struck by the shameful hypocrisy of our helping field, as we often guide students toward a consciousness of well-being with programs and personal interactions, but we are often unable to embrace the same mindfulness in our own lives. #SAFIT was intended to change this and to let our authenticity shine through as we become better and more fit versions of ourselves.

Dr. Parker Palmer says that:

“Our deepest calling is to grow into our own authentic self-hood, whether or not it conforms to some image of who we ought to be. As we do so, we will not only find the joy that every human being seeks—we will also find our path of authentic service in the world.”

What is our authentic service to the world and how can we get there if we have not yet given the service to our own bodies and souls? Our bodies and our minds are the very wellspring from which we may draw sufficient energy to serve, learn, and give. We each deserve a life decorated in community, happiness, and support, and it is our hope you will find all this and more along your own #SAFIT path. More importantly, we hope to learn from your journey as you regain your optimism, and your peace of mind, as you fail and your pick yourself back up, and as you become faithful to yourself, knowing that we, the Student Affairs Fitness community, are on your side.

Join us every Monday morning.

Julie Leos (University of South Florida), julieleos@usf.edu, @JulieAnnLeos

Christina Davis (University of Southern California) @cdivas1028

Linda Kasper (University of South Florida), kasper1@usf.edu @linda_kasper

Your Studentaffairsfit.com moderators
(to contribute to this blog please contact us at safitnessblog@gmail.com)

3 comments to Welcome to the New Student Affairs Fit Blog

  • Sarah  says:

    If I remember correctly, #safit started around a few of us that run and were friends on Nike+ (Torry Bruce, Karen Morian, Shawn Brackett, Heather & Ray Gasser, etc.).

    • Julie Leos  says:

      awesome! thank you! Care to blog for the site??

      • Sarah  says:

        Julie- sure! Sorry, just saw this. Email me with details?

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