A Thank You Note to My Office By Elizabeth Teurlay


Elizabeth Teurlay is currently a Program Advisor in Academic Services at Brandeis University. She earned her M. Ed. in Student Affairs at UCLA and previously served as a Resident Director at Boston College. Elizabeth enjoys staying involved in the NASPA Region 1 WISA & SAPAA KC’s and reading about all things Higher Ed. Outside of work, she is training for her second 5K and loves taking her dog Riley to the dog park. You can connect with her on Twitter at @eteurlay. 


As I quickly approach my one year work anniversary at Brandeis University, I realize I have a lot to be grateful for. I enjoy my new role, my new students, and my new dog that came with the live-off life...

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What works for you? by AJ Lauer

1540529_10101763812078369_1086932590_oAJ Lauer currently serves as Coordinator of Conference Services at the Colorado School of Mines in beautiful Golden, CO. She has also held positions as a Resident Director at the University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign and Manager of Student Life at Miami Dade College’s Hialeah Campus. She received her MS in Higher Education Administration from Florida International University in Miami, FL. In her spare time you can usually find her either somewhere in the Great Outdoors or hiding in a corner writing an article or her next book. Outside of the Conference Season, she blogs regularly at frodofrog.blogspot.com, or you can find her on Twitter: @ayjaylauer.


Having an “active lifestyle” is something we are all supposed to aspire to...

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Watch Me Go by Summer (King) Mattina


Summer (King) Mattina happily serves as an Academic Advisor for Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology at Saint Louis University. She is a member of NASPA, ACPA, and NACADA, and enjoys rock and roll, rocky beaches, and rocking chairs. She also likes stone soup. Get to know her by connecting on Twitter @SummerMattina.


Watch Me Go

In the past year, I have moved three times, started two jobs, acquired one always-ornery dog, and joined forces and households with one occasionally-ornery partner...

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Getting Fit — One Year Later by Dr. Brenda Bethman

brenda bethmanBrenda Bethman has been Director of the UMKC Women’s Center since January 2007. She also holds appointment as Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, and Affiliated Faculty in German. Before coming to UMKC, she was founding Program Coordinator of the Women’s Center and then Director of the Women’s & Gender Equity Resource Center at Texas A&M University, where she also taught for the Women’s & Gender Studies Program, College of Liberal Arts Honors Program, and the Department of European and Classical Languages and Cultures. She is a past chair of the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) Women’s Centers Committee, as well as past Secretary for NWSA. Brenda was a member of the committee that revised the CAS Standards for Women Student Programs and Services.


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How do you do it? by Gioconda Guerra Pérez

twinsBorn and raised in Panama. She received a M.A in Sociology and Communication and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Organizational Development both from the University of Louisville. She attended Universidad de Panamá, Panama where she studied Journalism. Gioconda is currently the Director of La Casa Cultural Latina at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Before joining UIUC, she served as visiting assistant professor at Indiana University Southeast (IUS), School of Education and as Socio-Cultural specialist for the New Neighbors Center at IUS. She has taught courses on Multicultural Education, Current Social Issues in Education, and Intercultural Relations. Gio has also developed curricula for K-12 schools to work with Latino families and English Language Learners (ELL)...

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My kingdom for a good night’s sleep. By Dr. Carolyn Golz


Dr. Carolyn Golz is a College Administrative Officer for Cowell & Stevenson Colleges at UC Santa Cruz. Carolyn loves her dogs, her bike,  and her new life in California. She can be found on twitter at: @CarolynGolz


When editing a friend’s blog post about wellness last year, I suggested that she

strike a statement that said something along the lines of “healthy people do not need

to nap in the middle of the day”. I told her that this statement might offend some and

that I considered myself a healthy person, yet I would LOVE to take a nap every day.

I am perpetually tired. I go to bed by 9:30 each night and have difficulty waking up

when my alarm goes off at 6:45 each morning...

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The Will to Persist by Dr. Tiffany Davis

tiffany regalia

Dr. Tiffany Davis is a Teaching Assistant Professor and Higher Education Master’s Program Coordinator in the Department of Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education at North Carolina State University. Tiffany is passionate about all aspects of professional supervision as well as preparing the next generation of Student Affairs Professionals. 


Last year, I thought up a running challenge. I would participate in one 5k race per month with the goal to make the 12th race the Disney Princess race in Orlando, FL. Now there are a couple of things about this challenge. 1. I don’t run. 2. I don’t like to run. 3. I don’t run. So you can see the problem already...

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A Friendly Reminder by Julie Leos

julie ragnarJulie Leos is a Higher Education PhD Student at the University of South Florida and works for the USF College of Business overseeing a Living Learning Program for high achieving business students. Julie enjoys making meaningful friendships, thinking of big ideas, traveling, and living in a warm climate. Julie can be followed on twitter: @julieAleos


Having always been a fan of Gallup Strengths finder, I took some time a few years ago to read Tom Rath’s book titled Vital Friends. It confirmed my belief that friendship is a basic human need and something that needs to be nurtured, cared for, and sought after. A few years later his book, Wellbeing, took social wellness to a new level with research that decla...

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New Starts and New Habits by Amanda Davis

amanda davis

Amanda is a Baltimore, Maryland native but moved to Tampa, Florida to complete her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She received her undergraduate degree from St. Leo University and her graduate degree from University of South Florida. She worked in Residence Life at Florida Southern College and Old Dominion University and has recently moved to Dubai, UAE to teach and advise Emiratis. She enjoys running races, traveling, working out at her local Crossfit Box, singing in the car, reading and cheering on her favorite football and baseball teams from a far.  


As we fully embrace summer, at time when many Student Affairs Professionals (SAP) are transitioning into new positions, I thought it would be nice to writ...

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Influencing behaviors: it’s organic! by Lauren Piontkoski

Safit pic

Lauren Piontkoski works as an Area Director for Residential Life Programs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she serves as a liaison for faculty and in-hall academic support, develops programmatic initiatives to support women in the STEM field and co-supervises graduate/post-doctoral resident tutors. Additionally, she finds herself utilizing her recently acquired group fitness certification through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as a bootcamp instructor in the Greater Boston Area. Lauren can be reached via Twitter: wickedrunnah


Influencing behaviors: it’s organic!

Two years ago I began a fitness journey, and I never thought it would have snowballed into the lifestyle ...

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