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The 2015 Student Affairs Health Pledge by Ed Cabellon

At the 2014 NASPA Region 1 conference this past week, Hank Parkinson, Becky Lindley and I presented on “A Journey to a Healthier You in Student Affairs” and shared our individual transformation stories. As part of the presentation, I shared our (almost) three year journey as an #SAfit community. Julie Leos and I decided that, as part of the presentation, we would do something different and launch the 2015 Student Affairs Health Pledge now, rather than wait until January.

This is being done, in part, to help folks get a head start on 2015. Why wait until January when we can all renew our commitment to health and wellness now, ahead of the holidays? Certainly, if you can focus your energy and do well now, staying committed through 2015 may be a bit easier 🙂

Two years ago, I wrote a blog...

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